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Tailor-made system solutions designed for every stage of your materials management process chain: from storage at any scale required, to conveying a wide variety of materials – whether as granulate, pellets, flakes or regrind – to efficient drying and dosing and mixing of any substances. And needless to say, this is all backed up by an integrated system of controls for all components. 

At motan, we offer coordinated components for all stages of the process chain that are specially designed to meet your requirements in every way.

This is how quiet conveying can be

Silent Line and IntelliFlow

Material conveying can get very noisy – and can generate wear and tear in the conveying line. Not with SilentLine. This double-walled stainless steel pipeline reduces noise levels by around 12 dB(A). And when combined with motan’s gentle material conveying technology IntelliFlow, the system can achieve an additional noise reduction of 6 dB(A). The system couldn’t be any quieter, or any gentler on materials.

ETA plus and ETA process

Sustainable drying using recovered heat

Drying requires a lot of energy. Generally speaking, that is. With motan’s patented ETA plus® drying technology, drying can be energy efficient. The secret to its success is that the air volume control adapts automatically to seasonal or time-of-day variations in temperature. And the best thing of all is that energy can be recovered from the hot outgoing air and used again for drying.

Compared to conventional drying systems, energy savings of up to 64% are possible.